Seminar Program

Within the framework of an excursion, participants in the seminar program experience the significance of Jewish traditions for Christianity. "Studium in Israel" offers a variety of opportunities to expand planned excursions with a seminar.

Studium in Israel for Student Excursions

Would you like to learn about Judaism from and with Jewish people in Israel and change your view of your own Christian faith?

This is possible in a short yet thorough way: Within the framework of excursions to Israel, the organizers can book seminars of one or more days on Judaism and on topics of Jewish-Christian dialogue. This offer is especially aimed at excursions within the framework of teacher training programs, but can also be taken up by other groups, depending on capacity.

The events take place in the study center of “Studium in Israel” or in rooms of the Church of the Redeemer in the Old City of Jerusalem and are mostly held by Jewish lecturers from Israel. The languages of instruction are German and English; Hebrew is translated.


Plan at least one full day or two half days in Jerusalem and contact the person responsible for the program, Prof. Dr. Martin Hailer (Heidelberg University of Education), six, preferably nine months before your excursion.

The thematic focus of the seminar will be discussed and can be adapted specifically to your needs if necessary. Depending on your thematic interests, seminars can also be extended by a half or a full day. Seminars usually take place from Sunday to Thursday.

The Offer at a Glance

Suggested Topics


For first encounters with Israel and the Christian-Jewish dialogue, which are usually the subject of an excursion, the topic »The Jewish Jesus and the Christian Faith« is particularly suitable, as well as »Insights into the Lived Jewish Faith in its Diversity« and, last but not least, »Religions and their Educational Systems in Israel/Palestine«.

The range of topics offered in the seminars varies according to the availability of the speakers and will be successively expanded. We will be happy to accommodate your interests as much as possible.

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Currently we offer the following lectures or seminar units:

Lectures with discussion or seminar units last 90 to max. 120 minutes:

Jewish reception of Jesus with regard to the Gospels

How do (seemingly) familiar passages or narratives from the Gospels read when read through Jewish eyes?

Jesus in Jewish sources (Talmud, Toldot Yeshu etc.)

Jesus from Nazareth is not the Messiah for Jews. But who is he then? The great Jewish tradition, the Talmud, and other sources give many perspectives - it is worth asking what this means for Christian self-understanding.

Jewish Conceptions of the Messiah

'Who is he? When is he coming? What happens then? Is he coming at all?' These are just a few questions about the Jewish concept of the Messiah. It is presented in its range and gives reason to put Jewish and Christian perspectives of hope in relation to each other.

Theology of the Shabbat

When we hear the word 'God's day of rest', Christians think of Sunday. But what if that is not the case? What is Shabbat about, how is it celebrated - and what do I do if I am invited to a Shabbat service in the synagogue?

Theology of Yom Kippur/Great Day of Atonement

The highest Jewish holiday is celebrated by Jews all over the world, but especially in Israel. What is celebrated? Where does Yom Kippur stand in the Jewish annual festival cycle? And what is it like when I - especially in Israel itself - take part in it as a Christian?

The Education System in Israel and the bilingual Hand-in-Hand School

The education system of a society says a lot about it. What is the situation in Israel? In addition to general information, the lecture focuses particularly on the hand-in-hand schools, in which Hebrew and Arabic-speaking children are taught together and in both languages from kindergarten to high school graduation - including the different narratives.

Further Information


After our confirmation of your participation in the seminar program, organize your excursion with the appropriate time slot in Jerusalem. Depending on the size of the group, the seminars will take place at the Study Center of Studium in Israel in West Jerusalem or in rooms of the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer in the Old City. A representative of “Studium in Israel” welcomes the excursion group and introduces the lecturers.

A seminar with four lectures costs 800,00 €; costs for longer seminars or room rent (if applicable in the Old City) have to be charged separately, as well as catering, if it is to be organized by us. Upon request, we will gladly issue certificates of attendance after the seminar.


Prof. Dr. Martin Hailer

2nd chairman of "Studium in Israel" and responsible for the seminar program
Tel. 06221-477 226